Accubrush Paint Edgers - Comparison on Accubrush Edger Models

Comparison of Accubrush Models

Accubrush MX Accubrush XT
Picture Accubrush MX Edger Accubrush XT Edger
Pole Handheld Use Only.
Not pole mountable.
Mounting the XT to a poleHandheld or Pole Mountable. Fits any standard paint pole.

MX Handle is Fixed

MX Handle is fixed and does not swivel

XT Swivel JointXT handle swivels on specially-designed U-Joint.
Ceilings Painting Ceiling with MX EdgerFast along ceilings.
The Accubrush is much faster and more accurate than cutting in manually with a brush, and is much less tiring than trying to cut in paint along the top of the wall by hand.Note that using the MX still requires ladder to be able to reach the top of the wall, and getting up and down the ladder, and moving it, can still be time-consuming.
Painting the top of the wall with the XTLightning fast along ceilings!
Keep your feet on the ground while edging the top of the wall with the XT Pole Mountable Edger! This is not only safer, but much faster than cutting in by hand, or with the MX Edger.With the pole-mountable unit, you can easily cut in ten linear feet in less than a minute!
Design Designed primarily as an economical unit for the DIY homeowner who has one or two houses to paint. Designed for the professional with multiple houses to paint.
However, while it was designed for the professional, it is also very popular with homeowners who are looking for a rugged, high-performance unit.
Shield MX ShieldAll plastic construction. After painting several houses, the bottom of the shield will wear down to the point where the edger will need to be replaced. This was an issue that was discovered by contractors when the MX was first released. It wasn’t a huge problem since the MX will easily pay for itself in the first room for most professional painting contractors. However, this issue was addressed when the XT as designed. Metal guard on XT ShieldThe bottom of the shield on the XT has been replaced with a spring-loaded metal shield, which provides greater wear resistance and virtually eliminates any concern about the edger wearing out.
Guide MX ShieldThe guide that glides against the trim will also wear down over time on the MX after painting multiple houses. XT Front WheelThe guide on the XT has been replaced with a roller, which virtually eliminates the issue of the guide wearing down over time.
Wheels Rear wheel of MX EdgerThe side of the wheel housing on the MX edger will also wear down over time after painting multiple houses. The wear on this surface can be accelerated when painting along very rough textured walls. XT Edger Rear WheelThe XT incorporates a roller which virtually eliminates the issue of the housing on the MX wearing down over time. The roller also allows the XT to glide freely across a wide variety of textures, which means faster painting on textured walls.
Price USA Base Price $24.95 USD.
Price varies outside of the USA.
USA Base Price $99.95 USD.
Price varies outside of the USA.

23 Responses

  1. salam

    hi very good your product this avileble in the uae?

  2. Justin D`C cruze

    can i buy this system in the stores

  3. pierre whalen

    Can we buy the accubrush Mx Jumbo Kit in MOntreal,Que.

    Any specific store?

  4. Teresa Kauth

    Where can I buy this?

  5. sheldon

    do you currently supply to South Africa?
    i would like to supply Africa (be the agent for accubrush)
    I would like to get hold of a few accubrushes
    please advise

  6. what is the cost?dose it comes with the brush roller?

  7. Pretty interesting product, will purchase just to try out. Could save a lot of time cutting in ceilings which equals more profit. Thanks again.

  8. Rick Kokoszka

    what stores carry the accubrush?



  10. Alan

    Is there any dealers in Ottawa Ontario? Also what is the price and where can one get this product?

  11. sara smith

    How long (feet or inches) is the pole provided? Can it be extended even more? My house is in desperate of a repaint, since 2007. My problem is some 2 to 3 ft high ceiling areas, and the wall against the stair to basement. The first time we painted, we used extra high ladder, concrete blocks and boards, and a lot of praying that my husband would not fall or break a leg or back. I do not want to go through that again, and yes, we used painters tape and plastic sheets -a lot.
    Would you recommend me this product? I could send you pictures of areas to see how high it is.

  12. painting contractor for 20 years ive seen ever new trick and product since then,maybe and have had lotz of employees waste mymoney to try all these diy fancy tools ,you are telling me that the guide doesnt get boogered up with paint and starts to smear paint on everything it touches——send me sum and if not iwill send ya a large order shanan lucas s.lucas paints 601 1st ave ellwood city,pa.16117

  13. bobby

    Im painter i really like this product im from Vancouver (Bc) is there any shop here so i can buy


    Im wanting to know how much will I HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS PRODUCT and that includes shipping and handling cost?What all does this come with?Does this product come in wider sizes or just the one size?

  15. Steve

    Yeah, but how do you finish the corners that it doesn’t get to?

  16. Can this be purchased in Lowes, Walmart, etc?(34491 area)
    What is the price with XT pole?

  17. Steve Hock

    I would like to inquire if the accubrush is available as a pole mounted kit only as is the hand held one sold seperately.

  18. Steve Hock

    No mention is made of the availability of roller refills.Are these available and how much?

  19. petrina

    Can these products be purchased at any of the hardware stores?

  20. michael remy henry

    I m interest to buy accubrush. How do I make my order?



  22. cchang

    Tim- Thanks for your question. We used to carry a larger line of painting tools including Purdy Paint Brushes but have since focused our buying and selection on the more innovative painting products that we find that are not generally available elsewhere.

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